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Social Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) Program



Social Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) Program is a cross-cultural learning program, resulted from a collaboration between South East Asia universitiesand the ASEAN Learning Network (ALN). The first SEED programwas implementedin 2007 and evolved effectively since then.

SEED INDONESIA 2018 aims to expose students to the rural life of Bandung and Sumedang, Indonesia, for them to recognize the mindset, customs,and traditions of the community, especially in West Java. SEED participants team up to conduct field research solving the problems in the region, both socially and economically, through observation and interactive learning. And the outcome should be innovative ideas for better livelihoods, prosperity,and well-being of the villagers.


SEED participants and lectures

To be a member of the ALN community, Banking University Ho Chi Minh Cityproudly presented2excellent students to join SEED Indonesia 2018: Nguyen Le My Duyen and Tran Nhat Phung.

Welcoming Day

It wasa warmwelcome by SBM ITB (School of Business and Management ITB) – the host of SEED Indonesia 2018 in Bandung City,the capital of West Java, in a fine and lovely weather. The lectures and students of SBM were hospitable and full ofsupport from the beginning tothe very last day of the program. They impressed us with the friendliness and kindness known to be characteristics of the Indonesian.

Participantsjoined together in a number of activities such as City tour, Indonesian cuisine party, traditional dances, etc. and got to work with professionals in the field of business.

On the last day, we received the certificates, shared our feelings, gave tight hugs and promised to be back soon – to where holds the memorable moment of our life.


The welcoming of SEED participants by the SBM members.

Duringthe 2 weeks ofthe program, we had learnedmany things unknownbefore. First, it was a pleasure to learn from doctors and professors from around the world. Prof Ian Williamson gave lessons about business and entrepreneurship or Dr. Leo Aldianto’s lecture on Opportunity-Business model, and Prof. Mark Gillman, who left a strong impression on us with his lecture on Marketing indicating people do not buy for“What” is the productbut “Why” you make it, with specific examples and case studies.

Vietnamese participant with one of the lecturers.  

                                 SEED participants at SBM campus                                  


SEED participants

 We observed and knew a lot about the people and their livelihoods, lifestyle and handicraft products. We learned abouttobacco production process, witnessed a woman making a kite within a minute, knew of 5 types of Arabica, and visited chili and tomato fields.

With all the data collected and knowledge, we then analyzed the possible problems and came up withbusiness plans forimproving the living standard.


SEED participants at the local’s house

Living with the host family, the acquired knowledge about Indonesian culture, about the main religion Muslimtotally changed our minds. They are not asstrict and conservative as we assumed. In fact, our Muslim friends have a great sense ofhumor and soulful characteristics, who always took good care of us. Furthermore, we realized Vietnamese students, with proven abilities, could integrate well in a foreign environment.


Vietnamese and Muslims participants


After 2 days studying in the Campus and a full week of the field trip, 4 groups proposed some innovative products as well as realistic solutions for the long-term development in Sumedang. The 4 projects are listed below.

  • GROUP 1: MALAKA BODY SCRUB – Phung’s group

They made body scrub fromthe crushed coffee bean and rice from Malaka area utilizing the agribusiness source effectively and efficiently.

The body scrub’s profit is twice as much as thatof raw rice and coffee bean. Furthermore, the village was put in comparison with competitors, besides Canvas model for analyzing, group 1 had successfully createda long-termplan for the product.


           Group 1’s plan for the body scrub


  • GROUP 2: CASCARA TEA AND LADU – Duyen’s group

Group 2dealt with Banyuresmi Village problems and came up with some innovations for Cascara Tea (Dried Coffee Skin Tea) and traditional Ladu food through legit brands. At the same time, training for villagers about long-term solutions such as Physical Bumdes, Online Bundes,and Alternative Financing was conducted.


Group 2’s business plan


The team interested in a new flavor of Sambal (an Indonesian traditional sauce) using the defected Babakan Loa-originated chilies and tomatoes. This product is a combination of Thai and Indonesian Sambal that can get into the international market.



In realizing the problem of wasteinharvesting, group 4 introduced Tomato Snack and Tomato Mask. The presentation received positive feedbacks from villagers and others thanks to the easy procedure and its creativity.

After that, the participantshad anexhibitionat the campus to introduces their plans. It was the attendance of SBM ITB students and lectures with their feedbacks and encouragementthat made them grateful for.





Thanks to Banking University and the meaningful SEED program, my viewpoints have changed positively. At first, I worried about my English and meeting Muslim friends but later on, it proved otherwise since I was comfortable sharing my opinions and stories. My team and I did our best and I could say that our result, the body scrub, was ourhard effort.

7 days living with the locals and other students was the greatest part. We told stories about our countries, our future goals and committed toseeing each other again in 2022 in Bali. Nobody understands why we chose that time until now. How amazing it was when, although from different cultures, things came so naturally. We shared weal and woe, played the game, laughed together, and shared food as a true family. Moreover, Baba and Ibu (the host family) treated us so wellwith every meal and explained even the smallest things when we didn’t know.


Participants and the host family


All over, I want to say a proper thank to Banking University for offering me this treasured chance, for those training and essential background in business. I want to say thanks to Ms.Phuong Vu (CITC), my lectures: Ms.Hai Tran, Ms.Lai Nguyen, Mr.Vu Nguyen, Mr.Nhan Trung, Mr. Phuong Le (Office of Academic Affairs) for trusting us to represent not only Banking University but also Vietnam.

I am grateful for ITB SBM, the host university, for the chance to visit your country. And thank you all my precious friends for the remarkablememories and knowledge of your countrythat I was unaware of.


                Vietnamese students having street food at the local market                                            

SEED participants at dinner



Vietnamese students in various activities with the locals



I'mDuyen (Daisy) from Banking University HCMC, Vietnam. I really appreciate the kind supports from organizers of both universities and my Indonesian friends. I will never forget this valuable and meaningful time from which Icouldlearnpractical business knowledgein multinational cultural context.

This was a part of my interview in ITB Campus.

This is the first time I’ve gone outside of my country.

This is the first time I’ve met many foreign friends and experienced cultural differences.

This is the first time I’ve encountered with difficulties ofthe locals that I lived with, and findsolutions to better their lives.

These first times became a memorable part full of value, joy,and goodness in my life, and a big motivation for my juniors and friends.

A special thanks to my school, especiallyfrom Ms.Phuong Vu who took care of us all the time. Thanksto ITB School for this wonderful program. Thanksto myexcellent, kind and humorous new friends. They helped me with the homesick. And finally, thanks to my Vietnamese partner – Phung (Helen) for always be with me.

I hope this wonderful program with its values and purposes will continue to spread far and wide.



Participants at the cooking class

My Duyen & Nhat Phung

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