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The Study Trip To ThaiLand

All lazy is over to write a review for the summer trip to Thailand of My 20 years old. This is culture exchange program designed 5 days 4 nights. With the aim at cooperation between PSU and BUH as well as promoting a good imagine of Thailand in order to impress Vietnamese friends positively. Actually, before applying I am very confused, do not know whether what I spend is worth or not, but while I am writing these sentences, I have already had the answer.

The first day was 15th, the flight would take off at 9:35 pm so I had to be at the airport at 6p.m. Arriving in Bangkok takes only an hour and a half, but then we have a freezing transit at Donmuang Airport. There is a convenience store called 7eleven. Because of hunger, we have eaten there. I ate a cup of noodles, costs 11 baht, which is not different from noodles in Vietnam. The thing is that we are so hungry and cold that we enjoy the meal pleasantly. That night the whole team could not sleep, partly due to the excitement, partly because of our poor preparation, so that the bone was frozen anti-sleeping.

- The morning of the 16th, we arrived in Pattani at about 8 am. The feeling when stepping foot in Thailand is: "Oh my God, so warm". Warmth is in both weather and emotion. Thai friends welcome us, come out with questions and talks. Aw so friendly. Then I understand the coming days will be very happy! There is only one thing, I was shocked, everyone just speaks English, but my English is not good so I just stand a blind spot. Thinking back is still funny.

- Our bus to pick us up is very colorful and big, we came to Pattani province. On the way, we suddenly visited Tesco Lotus, a kind of commercial center whose prices are quite affordable. We ate lunch here. I eat Thai fried chicken, costs 35 Baht. Items in Tesco Lotus are not expensive, I found T-shirts for only 100 baht, is about 71,000 VND. The goods here wholesale a lot. There is a pretty cute item, it looks like some friends in the team bought a few yards. Awn but I can control.

This is our bus.

Tesco Lotus Center

In the afternoon, we went to the CS Pattani Hotel in Pattani, the best one here, which brings the royal architecture, curved staircases, and a yellow tone. The hotel has a pleasant smell, a smell of flowers in Thailand. Mainly decorated with Champa flowers, and pottery. I am so satisfied and comfortable that after finishing checking in and go to our room, I sleep untill 5 pm. Well, my roommate is Nana, a lovely and outstanding girl. Next time I will have a status about this cute girl.

CS Pattani Hotel

CS Pattani- The last day

In the evening, the Welcome Dinner is at the hotel's restaurant. The food is very tasty, and of course, very spicy. Thai food is often cooked with coconut milk, rich and spicy. Devotees like me cannot keep my mouth anymore. Then, we have an optional dessert with Thai tea. Due to my curiosity, my body was loaded with piles of calories which contributed to my obesity.


Eat well then? Physical workout to burn out calories is needed. So the team decided to have some outside activities. After playing till late at 10 pm, everyone comes back to their rooms, to have another game.

That's the end of day 16th, the first day in Pattani.

- On the 17thmorning, we had the breakfast as the buffet at the hotel and then boarded the car to Prince of Songkhla University campus Pattani. We met the school VP, introducing ourselves and receiving the certificate. After that, the whole team went to visit the school. It is extremely wide, so traveling by small car. The school has a total of 5 campuses and this is one of the largest campuses in Thailand. Each faculty has its own building and a wide variety of programs. The school has a 7eleven and I was there to buy snacks. There was a very yummy chocolate, consequently, I reloaded calories again.

Prince of Songkhla University campus Pattani.

Our Thai learning Class


They have a minions border which is made from empty bottle. So creative!

And another work of art…

At 4 pm, we have a tour around the province. We visit the Southern Museum and Chinatown here and listen to the story of the princess and the lesson of love from Mr. Psu.


The Chinese town.

Later we come back to the hotel for dinner. Having eaten Tom Yum Thai, I plan to go out with Nana and other friends but unfortunately, the rain is heavy. So everyone stays in the room talking. Talking to sleep more than 12 hours and that wraps up my second day. ^^

Day 18th was the most moving day. In the morning, we had breakfast and checked out, then visited Songkla Province. Travelling from Pattani to Songkhla took more than one hour. We had a Thai cuisine lesson. We learned how to cook dessert from coconut and ate ready-made dishes. I did try cooking, not as good, not a fail, just slightly ugly.

We are at the Cooking Lesson.

At lunch, we cannot eat much regardless of good food. Interestingly, I learn that mangosteen in Thai sounds a bit like Vietnamese. The teachers teaching us cooking are very cute, they also give us the food which is carefully packaged for gifts to bring back to Vietnam.
In the afternoon, we say goodbye to our teachers and move to Taksin Cultural Studies and Museum. The view here is outstanding with a lot of Champa flowers. We can stand here and look out to the sea. Inside the museum offers knowledge about the culture of Thailand from ancient to the present. There are lots of showrooms in succession. I remember there are 11 rooms in total. After that, we move on to a new hotel whose service is as good as the last one, but it's okay because we stayed only for one night.

Taksin Cultural Studies and Museum.

Pottery room insides

Another outside view.

In the evening, the delegation moved to the restaurant near the sea for dinner. The Dinner was a Farewell, so everyone felt emotional and happy. At the night, we sang the Vietnamese song that we had prepared and then the delegation to Samila Beach. Such was a transparent sea that I can see my feet. Then came to the Sharing Space. What I regret most on this trip is that I do not talk much at the Sharing space. Iwas struck by emotions and how could I say such normal sentences. It upset me until now.

The restaurant where we had the last dinner

Samila Beach

Happy 18th, nearly the end of our trip to Thailand.

Day 19th, the last day in this friendly country.
Breakfast is done and we departed to Tang Kuan Hill. So many monkeys and some are very cunning. I meet a lovely dog but Mr.Bancha said we shouldn’t touch him because it’s dangerous! https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/fcb/1/16/1f641.png I also tried the fresh coconut ice cream, the popular street food of Thailand.

Tang Kuan Hill

The coconut ice-cream

In the afternoon, the delegation went to Hat Yai. At about 2 pm we arrived to visit Central Festival center in Hat Yai for shopping. I could buy souvenirs here. Well, because the dashing is so ignorant that I got lost. Right 4 pm is right time on the bus to the airport but 4:10 I still scattered in the mall. I cannot remember how to go out, not sim or wifi to call anyone. I really want to cry because I cannot ask anyone because they do not understand English. Finally I asked a girl, she knows a little English, she led me to the gate. I almost had to go to the police station looking for my team. How luckily, everyone is not going, they are waiting for some friends. Unless I cannot to meet the parents and relatives anymore!

The farewell is so sad that I don’t want to review. I just know that I cried. Despite knowing that I will see them again, I still cry. Anyone cannot keep their eyes dry.

The farewell minutes..

Flight delays until 8:15. We fly to Donmuang at about 9:20. One more night transiting at the airport, but tonight is warmer, because of the warm heart. We play Cats Exploding to 2 am. Later I wander in Duty-Free stores and just sleep for 2 hours.

On 20th, we arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport at 9:35 am. We went back to school, so that ended a meaningful trip - my first trip.

To conclude, what do I learn after this trip?
I learned some Thai words and Thai culture as well as knowledge of Islam people. I learned how to start a relationship, to be shared and to be heard. Realizing that we are inferior very much and we need to try harder. For example, I delay the IELTS while my Thai friends already know at least 4 to 5 languages. I experienced the loss and understand the fear. I have real fun and relaxed moments. In general, I gain a lot compared to what I spend. And I never regret this trip.
I like Huyen Chip, a strong girl. I want to be like Nana, her style, and her talent. So, every trip has lessons. And this is the lesson for my 20. Live strong, live true, and do your best for your youth.

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